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Download our app and join us on PetDesk for convenient pet health management on your mobile device.

Download Our App And Connect With Us On Petdesk

Keeping up with your pet’s health from your mobile device has never been easier! With our new app, you’ll have all of your pet’s health information in the palm of your hand. Plus, you’ll be able to communicate with us much easier. You’ll be able to:

  • Request Appointments 24/7
  • Receive Automatic Reminders
  • Save Notes, Pics, and Much More
  • Access Your Pet’s Free Organizer App
  • Text with Our Team

Have questions about our new app? Our contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Download the PetDesk App
Why should I download the app?

Managing your pet’s health is a breeze with the PetDesk application. This complimentary app empowers you to:

  • Set reminders for your pet’s recurring treatments and requirements.
  • Centralize your pet’s veterinary, grooming, and boarding needs.
  • Store cherished photos of your pet.
  • Take notes for your upcoming pet care visits.

By utilizing PetDesk through your veterinary provider, you unlock these additional advantages:

  • Monitor your pet’s appointments, vaccinations, and medication history.
  • Receive prompts to schedule your pet care appointments.
  • Easily arrange and confirm appointments.
  • Stay updated with messages from your veterinarian regarding prescription pickups and post-surgery updates.
What devices does the app work on?

PetDesk is available on iOS and Android devices (Mobile or Tablet).

How do I edit my email listed in the app?
  • Open the PetDesk App on your phone or tablet.
  • In the “Pets” section, click on the gear icon at the top right corner.
  • Select the box at the top of the screen containing your Name, Email, Address, and Phone Number.
  • Click on your current email address and remove it.
  • Enter your new email address.
  • Tap on “Update” or “Save” at the bottom of the screen to confirm the changes.
  • Your email will now be updated both within the app and for PetDesk communications.

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